Safety & Training

Staying Safe on the Ride

Mountain biking in the Colorado backcountry is a wild and dangerous adventure sport and there are always risks.  However, we have developed safety procedures  to make the event as safe as possible for all participants.  First of all, all rides are led by safety riders and some of these leaders are medical professionals and professional mountain guides. All safety riders are basic First Aid/CPR certified and equipped with First Aid kits and radios in case of emergency.

Training for the Rides

Getting Ready for the Monarch Crest Trail

This ride is a high-altitude mountain biking challenge that follows the Continental Divide above treeline for several miles before dropping thousands of vertical feet into the valleys below.  You must be ready to ride 25 miles of challenging trail that will take you 3-5 hours to complete.  The first ten miles are the most challenging with plenty of steep climbs, thin air and challenging singletrack.  Once we reach the top of Marshall Pass, it’s all downhill.

The Silver Creek Singletrack descent is rutted, rocky and steep – advanced singletrack.

The Marshall Pass Road is non-technical and very enjoyable – a 15 mile descent down a winding mountain road that was originally the railroad route for one of Otto Mear’s railway lines through the Rockies.

To get ready for these rides, you should build up gradually by doing longer and longer rides throughout the summer.  The mileage of this ride is not high, but it’s a tough ride due to the terrain and altitude.  By the time the ride starts, you should be able to ride comfortable on singletrack for 3 hours.  It’s difficult to offer a specific fitness plan, but if you have any doubts, please consult a fitness trainer where you live and they will develop a specific plan to help you complete the ride and still have fun at the same time.